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The Law Office of Jason L. Reddick, LLC

Family law attorney in Sumter, SC
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Review Left On 02/27/2020
Turdadurdly Kolb

Jason is great man, like Han Solo sailing across the universe to fight the empire. He helped me reclaim justice in family court for my 3 beautiful children from my cheating spouse. Now my life is complete with him in it. Thank you, Jason Reddick.
Review Left On 05/27/2019
Amy Sparks

Jason is awesome!
Review Left On 05/27/2019
Mary Braaten

My husband and I have utilized the legal services of Mr. Reddick on a number of occasions. He has always been a bulldog on our behalf! I've confidently recommended him to others who need assistance and they've always been happy! When it comes to needing an attorney, you want someone compassionate and in your corner who knows the law, the court systems and how to work thru all of the confusing details. Jason does. While we have always been on the winning end, we know that any case can go either way. But having someone competent, compassionate and confident by your side can make all the difference in the world! Jason Reddick fits that bill!
Review Left On 04/27/2019
Khaos Bigonta

All he did with me is collected money and told me to Concede and when I asked for help he asked for more money I already paid him $3000 and it was the worst money I ever spent I'm a disabled veteran and I heard from other disabled veterans I should have never been paying alimony now I gotta fight this agreement that he advised me to agree on I only get to see my daughter supervised for 2 hours a month and my ex wife is getting paid way more than she is supposed to now I have to do all this work myself to get my life back right without this law firm I would have been better off doing this myself without wasting money on a lawyer that is only going to say they can't help me i need to agree and concede with everything the other party tells me and him telling me he can't help me but asks for more money just to tell me their is nothing he can do for me the worst experience I ever had with anything I paid for
Review Left On 04/27/2019
natasha Campbell

I have been working closely with this law firm for my adoption. The time and effort put into this case was more than I could ever wished for. Always had answers and guidance for me. I wish I had them for my divorce.
Review Left On 03/27/2019
Carlton McDowell

Took a long time on my case. And forgot to send my papers to my ex wife . A process that should've been 5 days at Max is now 2 weeks and counting
Review Left On 02/27/2018
Carol Coker

I had a case against DSS claiming I owed them money for my son to his father and his father never ever had my son. It was a family fraud case thanks to Jason the judge saw that it was fraud and I was relieved of the threatening and harrasment I had gotten from DSS

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