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Conrad Falkiewicz Attorney at Law

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Reviews: 4 | Overal Rating: Excellect
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Review Left On 03/27/2019

Hands down, Conrad Falkiewicz knows his profession as well as what is needed to know to interact with the right people and when. He is kind and patient, yet does what it takes to get the job done even when he is working with limited & challenging material. He more than did a great job despite odds difficulty due seems to mainly a history of 'superwoman' so to speak of presentation thus documentation. He helped me in a case (and with me not pushing him) in Charleston County- Charleston, SC with Social Security disability. He got for me what I resisted and had great angst about. Awesome job.
He seems quite experienced and knowledgeable in family law, disability, as well as other areas. He comes across as being quite humble- he's exceptional.
Review Left On 03/27/2019
Paige Pellitteri

Are you looking for a great social security disability lawyer? Conrad Falkiewicz is the attorney who is knowledgeable and will get you prepared for a successful Social Security court case. If needed Mr Conrad will file paperwork, prepare you, and very honest on what to expect. Him and his staff from the beginning showed me and retrieved everything such as records and what you need to finally be successful. Mr Conrad represented me for my social security court case Successful first time Great people and he will not disappoint. Conrad is a one on one and this Is what I loved about Conrad I can’t thank them enough because I had tried twice and both times unsuccessful Also, if you are looking to see if you even have a case he can determine this also
Review Left On 02/27/2017
blake reid

I was recently forced to seek legal assistance related to the aftermath of my divorce. The criteria in my search was simple, an attorney who was knowledgeable in the law pertaining to my legal issue; and one who possessed a “passion and deep conviction” for his clients well being while effectively achieving the rule of law! During my initial consult with Mr. Conrad Falkiewicz, a consult in which he did NOT assess a fee as others did, fervently read the court documents; asked questions pertaining to the official divorce decree; and provided me with his legal plan of action that encompassed 1.5 hours. I knew at that time I had a pit-bull and a lawyer with profound conviction for what is right while simultaneously ensuring that my best interest is first and foremost.

As time passed, Mr. Falkiewicz and I met one-on-one on many occasions; exchanged an inordinate amount of emails and phone calls (can you believe speaking with your very own lawyer), while always keeping his exceptionally skilled paralegal in the proverbial loop. Through the duration of the legal process, his attention to me and my case made me feel as if I were his only client. Mr. Falkiewicz kept me informed, always asked my opinion and position, which made me feel valued as an individual and not just another person caught in the proverbial court system.

In the end of my legal process, an agreement was reached thwarting a full-blown court case. Although Mr. Falkiewicz had a solid plan action to counter the law suit, it was in my best interest in reaching an agreement. Should I ever require legal services in the future (I hope I don’t), I will most definitely seek Mr. Falkiewicz’ services. I consider Mr. Falkiewicz an excellent attorney; a good and honorable man; kind and empathetic; and for those reasons I hold him in the highest regards!
Review Left On 02/27/2017
James Richard

I hired Conrad to represent me in a domestic litigation, that was complicated and very hostile. Conrad's advice and work on my case was exceptional and the outcome was acceptable (as divorce settlements often are). I would not hesitate to HIGHLY RECOMEND him. You will not be sorry with his work, wisdom and common sense that was invaluable to me during a very challenging time.

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