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Marie-Louise Ramsdale

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Review Left On 02/27/2020
Steve Ashburn

After nine years of frustration, numerous attorney and GALS, and a few hundred thousands of dollars in the Charleston County Family Courts due to a divorce and ongoing child custody battle with my very high conflict ex-wife, I had lost faith in our courts and their ability to do the right thing for my daughter.

As a last hope and at the urging of friends who were former clients, I met with Marie-Louise (ML) Ramsdale. I left her office after our initial meeting feeling more confident than I had in almost a decade. Less than a year later I have sole custody of my daughter and I have ML and her team to thank for that.

ML provided excellent representation leaving no stone unturned and working tirelessly to help my family. She is far and away and the most thorough and fully prepared attorney I have seen. She and her team were always professional, responsive and timely in their communications with me as well with witnesses and professionals involved in the case.
I have never felt more confident walking into court than I did with ML’s representation. Her knowledge of the law and her court room presence were extremely impressive. She knew the details of my case as if it were her own and was able to easily articulate them to the Judge, GAL and other professionals involved as needed.

ML was aware of the expense incurred with litigation and worked with me to minimize my cost whenever possible. Her efforts resulted in us reaching a favorable settlement day before a very costly and lengthy trial.
I am eternally grateful to ML, Samantha Fortier Hattaway and the entire team at Ramsdale Family Law. Through their unwavering persistence and expertise in South Carolina family law my daughter now has the home, support and future she deserves.

I can say without hesitation that ML genuinely cared about my family and getting us the best outcome possible. I would recommend the Ramsdale Family Law Firm to anyone without hesitation.

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