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Attorney, Brad Smith
Attorney, Brad Smith Reviews

Review: No comment needed Read More

LLP, Hodges Coxe & Potter
LLP, Hodges Coxe & Potter Reviews

Review: I just wanted to say how friendly they are here! I was very emotional when I called and I was relieved to have someone that didn't sound aggravated on the phone as I explained my situation. I believe I spoke with Anna or Hannah and she was very assuring that she would help me get pointed in a direction to move forward. 10/10 would recommend Read More

H. Scott Overholt
H. Scott Overholt Reviews

Review: Absolutely the best attorney I’ve ever met for my car accidents. Overholt knows what he’s talking about and very nice guy but very serious when it comes to fight for he’s clients interest. I highly recommend Scott Overholt. Read More


Review: I was in talks with this company about an issue I had, I was told the attorney would call me back in the next few days , I said that was fine . Then I never received a call, so I decided to call back the front desk lady which is extremely rude said he would call me back that day or the following day. Well I waited a week and I called back and told the paralegal that if they didn't want to take my case then please just call me and let me know. She said "first of all " extremely loud and sarcastic... Read More

The Leading Santa Maria Auto Accident Lawyer Superiors
The Leading Santa Maria Auto Accident Lawyer Superiors Reviews

Review: I am very thankful to these auto accident lawyer, when I got involved in a car accident they are the one who handle my case. It was my first time to be involved in a situation like this, that's why I don't have any idea on the process. Good thing these auto accident lawyer helped me all throughout the process and never left me behind and wondering on the progress of the case. I am very grateful to them for doing their best and exerting extra effort to solved my case quickly and very efficiently.... Read More

Hallum Law
Hallum Law Reviews

Review: Just got my speeding ticket dismissed! He’s awesome,best traffic lawyer in santa barbara area. Read More

Bakersfield Car Accident Attorney
Bakersfield Car Accident Attorney Reviews

Review: I was recently involved in a traffic collision. I had to search for the best attorneys who could handle my case and get me the settlement I deserved. The attorneys at this firm turned out to be exactly what I needed. They have professional, knowledgeable, and honest attorneys. Everything was perfect from the beginning until the end. If you are looking for the best attorneys to work on your case, you can find them at this firm. I highly recommend this firm. Read More

The Dynamic Arroyo Grande Auto Accident Attorney Aces
The Dynamic Arroyo Grande Auto Accident Attorney Aces Reviews

Review: I have never had to use legal services before, and throughout the entire process these auto accident attorney kept me up to date on a regular basis, and helped me come to a generous outcome. They consistently kept me informed about the status of the case and answered questions, as needed. They made me feel that they truly cared which was very important to me. I definitely will recommend these auto accident attorney to everyone! Read More

The Santa Barbara Excellent Personal Injury Attorney Expert
The Santa Barbara Excellent Personal Injury Attorney Expert Reviews

Review: I told my friend last month that he should hire one of the attorneys from this group because I already saw the abilities and skills that this group can make because I hired an attorney from this group of car accident attorneys and he is really effective when it comes to a car accident situation when he solved my case and he got a settlement for my damages that I got from this accident.

I highly suggest that you should hire an attorney from this group because it has the abilities and skil... Read More

Law Offices of Seth M. Goldberg
Law Offices of Seth M. Goldberg Reviews

Review: I was being sued for 35 million dollars on an alleged breach of contract case. The other party lies, and even the other parties’ attorney on the primary case would recraft the truth to their liking, of course the challenge is to prove it all in court and to a jury. This case lasted over 2 years and during that time Seth drove the truth home, made the truth seem so obvious, and even pointed out how the opposing side was misrepresenting the truth of things during the trial. The opposition tried ev... Read More

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