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LLC, Wiles Law Firm
LLC, Wiles Law Firm Reviews

Review: Tripp and his staff are absolutely OUTSTANDING! I will be forever grateful that he was referred to us to handle our family estate. He and his staff are extremely knowledgeable. More importantly, they are sincere, caring individuals that will have your best interests protected. Read More

Kuhn & Kuhn Law Firm
Kuhn & Kuhn Law Firm Reviews

Review: I live in Iowa and just visited Charleston for Thanksgiving. During our visit we drove past the Kuhn & Kuhn office numerous times. I have never been in their office nor visited with anyone from the office, but since I have the same last name I went out on a limb by giving them 5 stars. With that name they have to be great!! Read More


Review: I would highly recommend IKON law firm to handle any of your family's estate planning and real estate needs. My family is more than pleased how Jessica has handled the selling of our property and how professional she has been throughout the process. Giving this law firm a 5 star rating is a no brainer! Read More

Attorney at Law, Jr., B. Joseph Causey
Attorney at Law, Jr., B. Joseph Causey Reviews

Review: My husband and I were looking for attorneys for help in preparing our will and other important documents. Mr. Causey was very helpful in explaining everything on every document and answering any questions we may have had. Made us feel relaxed. Pricing is very reasonable too. We would definitely recommend him if you are in need of a will or estate services. His assistant Beth is very helpful as well. Read More

Living Trust Lawyers of Werner Law Firm
Living Trust Lawyers of Werner Law Firm Reviews

Review: This was my first time dealing with the Werner Law Firm. From the very start, they were prompt with contacting me and the staff were knowledgeable and friendly. They were very organized and they made sure that the quality of service provided was great. A separate individual other than the one I was working with followed up with me to make sure that service provided was quality.

I've had the opportunity to work with Rhi Weldon and she was great to work with. She is professional and kno... Read More

LL.M., Joseph S. Pearl
LL.M., Joseph S. Pearl Reviews

Review: I am very happy whit his service, very professional
I highly recommend Read More

Santa Barbara Estate Planner
Santa Barbara Estate Planner Reviews

Review: Yes, this is the lawyer you really need from the beginning of writing a trust. I wished we had him from the start. Mr. Follett is very thorough, takes time to explain the trust with handouts/and/or computer. I was very clueless of what my husband and I had legally established but with his help, I now understand it. And all this a part of his initial estate planning at no fees to the client. There are so many estate and tax issues that he explained to me. He is caring, compassionate and very kn... Read More

Daner Law Firm
Daner Law Firm Reviews

Review: Adam is a great lawyer. He's professional trustworthy and gets the job done. I'd highly recommend him. Two thumbs up! Read More

A Professional Law Corporation, Renshaw & Associates
A Professional Law Corporation, Renshaw & Associates Reviews

Review: I contacted Mr. Renshaw regarding my legal matter. He was extremely generous with his time, and seemed to be very intelligent & experienced as to various aspects of law, specific to my areas of concern. Mr. Renshaw seemed extremely personable, & even offered to speak with me a second time. He was an excellent listener & very patient. Read More


Review: I spoke with Attorney Elrod and he made it very clear that his work was not "FREE' this advertisement is in the wrong category. Read More

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