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Review Left On 02/27/2020
Andrea McCrery

Steve Fowler was my court appointed attorney that was to represent me in a charge from DSS for canceling an appointment with Julia Castillo which was a lie I had proof that I showed. The whole case was against the father of my child for slapping our child repeatedly. I had enrolled our child in therapy because if the fathers abuse. Steve Fowler refused to subpoena our sons therapist and did not tell me of our court date and refused to let me fire him in court. Then I got yelled at by the judge for simply raising my hand to ask for new counsel. This man let the father of my child get away Scott free from abusing our child and lying on the stand because he did not want to fight. I was reprimanded by the judge when I was abused by this man and so was our son because Steve Fowler took it upon himself to decide the truth should not come out.
Review Left On 09/27/2019
Marcus Spivey

I have served in the United States military in Afghanistan. I still serve in the National Guard. I have seen firsthand the importance of teamwork, organization and making decisions.
Attorney Fowler went to several meditations and many courtroom day-long hearings in this matter for me in my child custody case. My case had three other attorneys for three other parties. Each had their own client to represent. He worked with each of them helping to protect my rights.
At each hearing, he listened carefully to the testimony. He objected to possible improper evidence and helped me organize my case. We had photos and documents to enter into the court record. Before I took the witness stand, we went over my testimony and we discussed areas of concern. He was very supportive in using his experience to help me.
I am proud to continue to serve America. I am also proud to have had Attorney Fowler working with me to help through the often confusing courtroom and legal tension.
Review Left On 09/27/2019
Jordee Brown

Attorney Fowler represented me in a case about custody of my son. It was a situation where I had to stand up for my rights to get custody of my son in court. Attorney Fowler and I worked with the Guardian Ad Litem on what are the best interests of my son. Mr. Fowler worked with the Guardian to make sure my rights were represented in the Guardian's report and testimony.
Attorney Fowler and I went to several court dates on this. We went over trial strategy on what to ask, say and do at the hearings. At the last hearing, I was immediately awarded custody of my son by the Judge.
I appreciate Attorney Fowler's help in this matter. He was very involved in me getting permanent custody of my son.
Review Left On 09/27/2019
Daniella Wood

Attorney Fowler represented me on a case involving my children. He and his staff were always helpful and willing to talk with me about my case. He seemed knowledgeable about the legal issues facing me in family court. He negotiated often with the other lawyers who were fighting against me in my litigation.
My children are my life.
Attorney Fowler appreciated that and respected the importance of that belief to me. I trust he got the best outcome for me.
I also had other legal issues facing me. Attorney Fowler went out of his way to review these issues with me. I appreciate him going over these other matters and being so helpful and kind. He had experience dealing with these separate topics too. His input really helped me on how to move forward with that case. He prepared me in knowing what situation I was going into and what possibly to say or not to say.
I recommend Fowler Law Firm. They fought for me.
Review Left On 09/27/2019
Lynn Davis

Mr. Fowler represented me in a case involving custody of my adult child.
I had to attend court on this several times. Mr. Fowler represented me well on each occasion when we had to go to a courtroom hearing.
Mr. Fowler was always willing to listen to me and hear my side of the story. He developed various effective trial strategies for me and negotiated for me to help regain custody of my child.
After several court sessions, I was able to get my daughter back home.
I appreciate the work Mr. Fowler and his staff did for me. I would recommend him highly.
Review Left On 09/27/2019
Jessica Perez

Thank you so very much. I truly think you did an excellent job. You spoke up and talked so well for me in both my cases. I would hire you again and trust you with any case of mine. I will also recommend you highly to others. I look forward to having you on my case. I know you will do your best to get us back together. Thank you again Mr. Fowler.
Review Left On 09/27/2019
Ryan Cooper

Attorney Fowler repersended me on some serious felony charges. He visited with me alone and together with the prosecution several times to go over my case and options available to me. He also talked with and answered the questions my family had. He was able to work out an agreement with the prosecution. I recommend the Fowler Law Firm for criminal matters.
Review Left On 09/27/2019
Jarold Young

Attorney Fowler worked with me on a plea for my criminal charges. He made clear to me my rights before I plead. He answered my questions and went over the process of pleading in court. He explained to me what I was facing and talked with me about my concerns. He also answered questions, as much as possible, from my family when they called in about my case. He worked with the Prosecution to try and negotiate the best plea bargain and stood by me in court.
Review Left On 09/27/2019
Jeanie Barnes

The Fowler Law Firm settled my mother's North Carolina estate. They filed the documents to open the estate case, to declare personal representatives, filed Notice to Creditors, Estate tax certification and Preliminary Inventory and Final Accounting documents. This allowed me to sell mother's NC property and divide the money between the heirs.
The Fowler Law firm was professional and very helpful during this process. They explained each step and, most importantly, gave me peace of mind that my mother's estate was done correctly. That peace of mind was very comforting to me during my time of loss.
Review Left On 09/27/2019
Miriam Berrouet

Steve Fowler is an excellent attorney who goes above and beyond for his clients. I highly recommend him.

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