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Danielle B. Housey Attorney-At-Law
Danielle B. Housey Attorney-At-Law Reviews

Review: This Attorney is hard up for cases, so don't give her any money up front unless you read her contracts. Danielle is very inexperienced in matters of Family Law and only has practiced for a few years. Danielle only wants your money and looks to take the shortest route in preparing for your case. This attorney is lazy, unethical, unaggressive, and usually wants to agree with the opposing side. Danielle is a former partner of the Curry and Housey Law Firm located on Dorchester Rd. Mrs. Housey uses ... Read More

Attorney at Law, K. Elisabeth Hoover
Attorney at Law, K. Elisabeth Hoover Reviews

Review: Horrible ! I met her once paid 750$no idea what she's doing ! Almost placed my child in a home with CDV ! All about the money Read More

Fowler Law Firm
Fowler Law Firm Reviews

Review: I have served in the United States military in Afghanistan. I still serve in the National Guard. I have seen firsthand the importance of teamwork, organization and making decisions.
Attorney Fowler went to several meditations and many courtroom day-long hearings in this matter for me in my child custody case. My case had three other attorneys for three other parties. Each had their own client to represent. He worked with each of them helping to protect my rights.
At each hearing, he list... Read More

Davis Law Firm PA
Davis Law Firm PA Reviews

Review: Most of us dread hearing or working with an attorney. I get it. However, I have had the honor & pleasure of getting to know Mr. Reese Boyd. Yes, he is an attorney. He definitely knows the law. He is honest, ethical and caring. More importantly, he is a good Christian man, a wonderful Dad, a devoted husband and giving man of our community...and that's what's important. Based on Attorney Boyd's high ethical standards, I would highly recommend him for elder care legal care - legal estate planning -... Read More

Brock & Scott Law Office
Brock & Scott Law Office Reviews

Review: Brock & Scott made an error while recording a pre-foreclosure property. Therefor, our home was BLASTED all over the internet as being in foreclosure. We were also told notice was sent to the county however they confirmed we are in good standing, as did our lender. I understand mistakes happen, what I fail to understand is that after 5 phone calls and numerous messages, THEY DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THE CONSIDERATION TO RETURN OUR CALL, SPEAK TO US or take the necessary steps to fix their error. Read More

PLLC, Baker Law Firm
PLLC, Baker Law Firm Reviews

Review: Mitch Baker is the master of finding and collecting all the possible insurance proceeds for personal injury and other financial losses!!! Read More

Tyson II H Mac
Tyson II H Mac Reviews

Review: Mr. Tyson did not provide the guidance I needed to settle an estate. Read More

PLLC, Kincaid & Associates
PLLC, Kincaid & Associates Reviews

Review: My will and documents were done quickly. Would recommend. Read More

Law Offices Of Esteban L. Valenzuela & ASSOCIATES
Law Offices Of Esteban L. Valenzuela & ASSOCIATES Reviews

Review: Wonderful people !!!! They really Care.... Read More

Klein DeNatale Goldner
Klein DeNatale Goldner Reviews

Review: We just happen to drive by Fish 101 while taking a scenic drive along the beach and stopped into the restaurant for the first time. Wow, excellent fresh seafood, tomato coconut bisque soup, and very reasonable prices. Read More

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