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Review: I’m very pleased to have had Attorney Bowman for her services everything went smoothly and wasn’t long and drawn out. I especially appreciated her responding to any questions I may have had. I was aware of everything she did. I would highly recommend Attorney Bowman..very professional...can’t thank her enough. Read More

LLC, Law Office of Taylor Long
LLC, Law Office of Taylor Long Reviews

Review: Taylor is reliable, she is responsive, she is empathetic and she is knowledgeable. Taylor will fight for you through and through. She is an asset to the community. Truly a legal gem Read More

The Lea/Schultz Law Firm
The Lea/Schultz Law Firm Reviews

Review: Never used but I've met Mr.Lea and he's a truly nice person and a awesome lawyer Read More

PLLC, The Law Office of Jason Vaughn
PLLC, The Law Office of Jason Vaughn Reviews

Review: Jason was great to work with! He was very helpful, knowledgeable, and dependable. I just can’t thank him enough for all of his help and advice. Read More

Cape Fear Family Law
Cape Fear Family Law Reviews

Review: this review is pending Read More

Law Office of David F. Leon
Law Office of David F. Leon Reviews

Review: would not recommend Read More

Law Offices of Kathy L. Wallace
Law Offices of Kathy L. Wallace Reviews

Review: Kathy Wallace is a excellent attorney, I would recommend her to anyone and everyone, God bless. Read More

The Law Office of Cameron M. Fernandez
The Law Office of Cameron M. Fernandez Reviews

Review: I needed help / advice with a personal matter, so I contacted the office. EVERYONE from the receptionist to the attorneys I spoke to wanted to help me. I scheduled an appointment and was seen with no delay, to say I was extremely impressed with my visit dose not express my gratitude. It is with pleasure I take the time to talk about my experience and at the very least..... 5 + stars. Read More

L.C., Law Offices of R Morgan Holland
L.C., Law Offices of R Morgan Holland Reviews

Review: Morgan Holland is a highly skilled professional with heart. I was fortunate enough to retain his services while I was going through a very complicated divorce, and I was very happy that I hired him. He was brilliant, compassionate and supportive throughout. When answering my many questions, he was always patient. He’s a master when it comes to negotiating a fair settlement and his skills in the courtroom are remarkable. Without a doubt, I highly recommend his services. Read More

The Buckley Law Firm
The Buckley Law Firm Reviews

Review: Heather Buckley was assigned to be my son's "public defender" but she might as well have been the prosecuting attorney. All she had to do was check her facts and listen. There was a clerical error in the paperwork but when my son tried to point it out, she would just spit out "I'm talking, you listen!" She wanted him to take a deal for 11 days in jail when there was no violation at all. We had to hire a real attorney to just go up to the judge and say there is a clerical error. This date is... Read More

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