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Lauren Taylor Law
Lauren Taylor Law Reviews

Review: This is the very worst group of people I have ever dealt with. They will scam you out of your money and will not provide you with a bill until you go to blows with them!!! And then after that there will be several overcharges and when you call and ask about them they will tell you they have went over your bill and it is right, then you go over your contract you initially signed stating who gets paid what and you will never get an apology or anything else other than getting billed for your ti... Read More


Review: I’m very pleased to have had Attorney Bowman for her services everything went smoothly and wasn’t long and drawn out. I especially appreciated her responding to any questions I may have had. I was aware of everything she did. I would highly recommend Attorney Bowman..very professional...can’t thank her enough. Read More

David M. Yokel Attorney at Law
David M. Yokel Attorney at Law Reviews

Review: Went to discuss a current family situation with this individual and he is pompous, judgmental, rarely lets you speak and likes to talk about how smart he is by giving you his resume.

Worst part... I walked away feeling like I might as well forget about defending myself and that everything I had done, before seeing him was wrong. I ended the meeting because I could not take anymore, he became defensive, I walked out...he kept my 103 dollars.

Steer clear....he will not listen to y... Read More

RiverTown Law
RiverTown Law Reviews

Review: Always very helpful, efficient, timely with docments, fair in price! East to talk to and explains with patience. Would not go to anyone else for legal matters. Read More

Kimberly F. Dunham Attorney at Law
Kimberly F. Dunham Attorney at Law Reviews

Review: Listens..and knows her stuff Read More

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